Virtual Worlds


Artificial Ecosystems and Digital Art Exploration

S. Bornhofen, J.-C. Heudin, A. Lioret, J.-C. Torrel (editors)

Virtual worlds have attracted considerable attention during the last decade. They have gained notoriety in games such as World of Warcraft and in general purpose worlds such as Second Life. Besides these well-known applications, many research projects study the potentials of creating digital worlds with their own physical and biological laws, populated by interacting entities such as artificial creatures and human avatars.

This interdisciplinary volume aims to provoque a new understanding of the important role that computer-generated virtual worlds will play in the near future. The selected papers show the necessary cooperation between science, technology and art, for studying artificial ecosystems and exploring new forms of digital art.

Chapter 9 – One and Three Virtual Chairs: Kosuth in Second Life – Alejandro Schianchi

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