Utopias and Realities
Monday, September 29, 2014, 6 – 8 PM
Anthology Film Archives
32 Second Ave, New York, NY 10003

TransBorderart is presenting an international panel of artists to discuss current positions relating to reality, utopias, individual and social concerns, curated by Graciela Cassel. The fact that we are “bio-political” beings assures our continuing interest in creating new spaces: for some, these spaces are Utopias; for others, realities.

Panel Discussion Participants: Kathleen McQueen (USA), Gerald Pryor (USA), Hakan Topal (Turkey/USA), Jorge Zuzulich (Argentina), Alejandro Schianchi (Argentina).

“Utopias and Realities” is comprised of a group of videos where artists show a deep level of involvement and dialogue with the world around them. In Nicolas Bourriaud’s “relational aesthetics,” the artist’s working space is not an “ivory tower” – it affects and is affected by situations, events and technologies that constantly evolve and swirl around us. Our premise is that there is no contradiction between realities and utopias; nor is there any inconsistency between what is personal and what is universal. The videos in this program probe and question as well as propose alternatives to our current times, speaking about society, war, surveillance, environmental devastation, isolation and virtual realities. They demonstrate both individual visions and universal connections.

Videos and Artists:
“We Both Know” by Noor Abed (Palestine) 2013
“The Three Witches” by Akina Cox and Joseph Imhauser (USA)
“Where to, Antartica?” by Demet Taspinar (Turkey) 2009
“Fresh” by Ben Hagari (Israel-USA) 2014
“The Library of Babel” by Davey Hawkins (USA)
“Untitled” 2010 by Alejandro Schianchi (Argentina) 2010
“North by Northwest, North by Northwest” by Felipe Steinberg (Brazil) 2014
“Borderline” by Graciela Taquini (Argentina) 2007
“Roboski” by Hakan Topal (Turkey/USA) HD 2014
“Aguamalas” by Patricia Villalobos Echeverria (Nicaragua/USA) 2008
“Accelerating Decline” by Jeanne Wilkinson (USA) 2012


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